Digital Machining Inc.

About Us

Digital Machining LLC. was started by the owners of Advanced Machining, Inc. in Longmont, Colorado. Their current customers had expressed a desire for a high quality precision machine shop with competitive pricing. To address this need, Cleve Tuck, Joe Chughtai and Court Tuck opened up Digital Machining in January of 2013 with the objective of delivering precision parts to our customers in a quality oriented environment. In June of 2017, The guys over at Advanced Machining sold the business to Erika Sugihara, Courts eldest Daughter. It is now 100% Woman owned and operated. 


Our goal at Digital Machining is to deliver high quality parts in a timely manner at a fair price.  We accomplish this by having highly skilled, motivated machinists, a compact efficient shop and using carefully integrated technology starting with our CAD/CAM systems and ending with a coordinate measuring machine that is easy to use but allows for precise and quick verification of parts. The result is a personnel / technology mix that we believe delivers exceptional value to our customers.